Monday, August 02, 2004

Why does Doctors Without Borders hate freedom so much?

In a letter written to Altercation Friday, a reader points international news sources for the scoop on why Doctors Without Borders are pulling out of Afganistan:

"For the inside scoop on why Medecins sans Frontiers (pardon my mangled French) left Afghanistan, go check out some French papers. Or something filed by AFP. The main reason they left was because U.S. troops were issuing leaflets saying medical help would be withheld unless people started turning in, or ratting out, those the U.S. considers terrorists. MSF thought that to be very dangerous to their personnel. To say nothing of offensive. And I think they are right on both counts." (italics mine - d.e.g.)


We bombed your country, ineffectively invaded because we needed to send our troops to a country with 'better targets', destroying infrastructure and barely disabling the jackasses who were running the country and are now allowing them to come back, and we are so sorry that you are sick and injured but we can't let you get medical attention until you find a weird cousin or unpopular neighbor to turn in as a terrorist.

At least the folks running things abroad are taking care to win the hearts and the minds of the people. No wonder we are sooooo much safer than we were four years ago.

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