Friday, August 06, 2004

Regular Guys shouldn't be allowed to blog.

I guess that a blog that bears his name should produce brilliant, cutting social commentary. Only makes sense. So... :: Official Blog :: August 01, 2004 - August 07, 2004 Archive: "Second, cops and firefighters are, if the women in the ranks will forgive the expression, Regular Guys. They drink beer, not wine, and certainly not French wine. They played football and baseball in high school, not lacrosse... Regular Guys do not blame Secret Service agents (who are Regular Guys) for knocking them down on the ski slopes, especially when those agents are there to take bullets for them. And Regular Guys relate to and prefer the company of other Regular Guys; they do not invite people like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck to their conventions. ..."

Thank God we have insecure teenage boys speaking for the police and firemen of this country. Who knew that the people doing some of the most butch jobs in the country would need republican nerds to tell them how to be Regular Guys? Listen kiddo, I truly doubt there are many in this world who think blogger who avoid French wine and inappropriately capitalize things really have a whole lot of valid advice on how to be manly for the nation's finest. Anyone who thinks being 'regular' (when did this become a goal to pursue?) and macho is about what beverage you drink or what sport you played in highschool. Since when was lacrosse a pansy sport? Someone needs to take the keyboard away from whoever wrote this crud.

Maybe this is why the CIA Asked Bush To Discontinue Blog.

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