Thursday, August 12, 2004


I love Jim Hightower. This is the kind of cranky old man I aspire to be one day.

Beyond Loopy -- In These Times: "Having spent the past four years crisscrossing America to uncover the real state of the union under King George the W and his rabid band of Bushites, I have come to a disturbing conclusion:


We're talking bullgoose-loopy, ideological freaks whose snorting rampages pose a threat to us all and to all we hold dear. It's not that they're a little to the right. No. They're insane zealots dedicated to implementing their plutocratic, autocratic, antidemocratic, militaristic, and imperialistic vision of America (and the world) and it's time we stopped beating around the bush about it."

I really want to be able to use the term "bullgoose-loopy" and have it sound natural. Mason has this supernatural power to use the term "harumph!" without anyone thinking it sounds odd and totally understanding what he means and making other people subconsciously start saying it themselves, and Jim Hightower has so many plainspokenly goofyish vocabularal superhero powers. I am totally jealous.

What kind of superhero power do I get? My most sincere expression of sympathy comes out as a dryly delivered "bummer" which is generally about as well received as you might imagine and I tend to abuse the rules of capitalization vendictively according to how I am feeling about who or whatever I am writing about at the time. Not so much communicative superpowers as they are handicaps.


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