Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Blogger: why isn't there an app for that?

Ok, I'll admit at the outset that there are apps I can buy which will let me post to Blogger from my iphone. And I could just sign onto blogger in the web browser on the phone. But blogger (I'm pissed off so I'm done with capitalization for these guys for now) really doesn't have just a simple app for uploading photos or leaving quick posts?

I've got problems with this for several reasons. Of course the main reason is that it is annoying. I'm not so serious with blogging that it is worth it for me to shell out for a third-party app. Beyond just being annoying, it suggests that whoever is steering development within blogger has no concept of what is going on with technology and the internet. I've got this blog and I'm going to keep pecking away on it, but I've lately been wanting to start another more thematic blog. Should I stick with blogger (who apparently are way behind the curve) or do I give Tumblr a try? They make it easy to send pics from your phone...

I've liked blogger, but this is kind of ridiculous. If there were one little thing to do to stay relevant, this is it. Please don't point out that they now have an Android app. Whatevs. Google might prefer people to use Android over the iphone but this isn't the kind of feature that is going to give Android an edge. It only takes the edge away from blogger.

Also don't mention the blogger functionality that lets you text or email pics. Having a system which requires you to register your device and start a new random mobile blog is awkward and inelegant at best, even if you have the option to then link that extra blog to your real blog. Did monkeys design this?