Monday, August 02, 2004

First amendment? I don't need no stinking first amendment!

First, from Jim Hightower:

'George W's Independence Day trip to Charleston was billed as an official presidential visit, not a campaign rally. Nicole and Jeff –– two patriotic, hardworking, taxpaying Americans –– were in the crowd, quietly exercising their free-speech rights. They wore T-shirts declaring: "Love America, Hate Bush."

They had proper tickets to the event, they proudly sang the National Anthem with everyone else, they were in no way disorderly –– but they were not politically correct, so they were summarily arrested, taken to jail, finger printed... and charged with "trespassing." Others who were there wearing pro-Bush T-shirts and Bush campaign paraphernalia at this public event on public property were not arrested. It seems that the Bushites define "trespassers" by their political beliefs.'

...and from Joshua Micah Marshall over at Talking Points Memo:

'There have been various stories over recent months of people being ejected from Bush rallies for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts and stuff of that sort, with the rationale often being a rather improbable concern for security.

But this Dick Cheney speech in New Mexico seems to be the first instance where would-be attendees were compelled to pledge personal fealty to President Bush in order to get in the front door.

According to this Associated Press story, certain members of the public were required to sign a pledge to endorse President Bush in order to get tickets.'

I would ask if these creeps could manage to sink any lower with their tactics and gross contempt of the Constitution and values of this country, but I just really can't take the answer today. Please don't answer tomorrow either. We believe you already, it isn't a dare, you are the dirtiest, nastiest fighters around. Nothing left to prove.

American Civil Liberties Union, anyone? I have to admit that I haven't become a member yet but it just might be time.

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