Monday, August 09, 2004

Reckless endangerment: what happens when policy and security concerns are traded for photo ops and soundbites...

Of course Juan Cole covers this whole Khan thing better than I could, but really, is anyone suprised? I think this points to the main problem with this administration: their only concern is for saving face in the short term.

They start spewing new alert stuff to clog the airwaves and public discourse after a really great Dem convention and people question it so they spit out figures and documents and names carelessly. For them, terror threats are not problems to be solved, but political tools. The international implications of what goes on are after thoughts and if the US public weren't so diligent in trying to stay up with what is going on, I doubt they would even be that.

I think these guys have been gunning for WWIII since before they got in office and don't really put a whole lot past them. Have we been experiencing intelligence failures or is all the sabotage intentional? Second-rate fishermen who want to flex their macho by bagging a big shark have often resorted to chumming the water. When they chum near the beach and someone loses a leg, are they heroes if they catch that shark later?

It sounds harsh to say that they don't care if someone gets bit if they can stand up on the dock with a trophy but they do nothing to counter this image. The admin is more concerned about the election than their job. If it were more politically expedient to say everything is safe, they would do it.

I guess they try to do both, but seriously, do you think a man who wouldn't go back to Washington or really even show his face most of the day when the nation needed him on 9/11 would let his wife and kids go to what his admin were touting as know terrorist targets if he thought them credible? There is a terror alert, be very afraid; don't interrupt your daily life, it is safe enough for my wife to go to the stock exchange.

give me a f*ckin' break.

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