Wednesday, August 25, 2004

inspiring and terrifying...

Sistani is going to Najaf with a massive peaceful march. Juan Cole knows more about this stuff than me:

Sistani Returns, Launches March
Sadrist Ceasefire Announced

I was raised on Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. as our modern heros so my first inclination is to believe that peaceful resistance will be greeted with praise and positive change.

I'm a little older now and it scares the bejezuz out of me. If it goes right, this could be the beginning of something powerful and positive in Iraq and perhaps even throughout the Middle East.

But I am scared. The same century that gave us Gandhi also gave us Tianamen. And a little closer to Najaf, Rachel Corrie. My prayers are with Sistani and his followers and our troops in the city tonight.

Perhaps history must be repeated, but you have a choice of which history. Please choose carefully.

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