Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why go on?

This has to be short, because I have a long commute ahead of me and have to get back to brooklyn in time to catch America's Next Top Model. But really, why bother? I totally don't care anymore now that Coryn is gone. Now who is going to call Lisa an alcoholic bitch? Can we pause for a moment to note how stupid that little staged "let's talk about our vices" un-intervention was last week? Ok, so yeah, any excuse to get Tyra to talk about twinkies is worth it, but really the set up was so lame and staged that I made me want to avert my eyes.

I was suggesting I might not bother watching anymore since I really don't care what happens now that Stumbles, Coryn, and Don't-get-it-twisted! are all off the show and it is just going to be a long protracted farce til they give it to that annoying geena davis looking girl with pale skin, but C- quickly set me straight:

Me: "Why bother watching?"

C-: "There's still Lisa to hate."


Anonymous said...

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charlie said...

And don't forget Jayla. Man, how I want to stomp on her face. And you still have the dyke to root for, the dark horse who is never going to win, but who I sort of love.

d. earl griffin said...

Dude, I hate jayla so fucking much. Really, I don't even have the energy to hate Lisa properly with Coryn gone, but jayla just gets worse and worse. Uh, and has she had a mouth full of gums and short yellow teeth all along or was that just last night? And why does Jay look like an oompa loompa with his fake tan and bad dye job?

Yep, I'm kind of loving the dyke again after hating her for a while.