Monday, October 17, 2005

Not if you do it right, honey.

I don't have all that much traffic on this blog, but it is amusing looking through and seeing how folks find their way here. The Altercation link was the biggest spike in traffic followed by the fights with homo republicans (thanks, malcontent/prismwarden) and then maybe friendster and a few from the couple of folks who link to me, but the most fun are the completely random searches that lead people here. People who I am fairly certain were not looking for an angry twenty-something bitching about politics. Having used the words "gay" and "sex" and "porn", amongst a few other choice words that my mother would disapprove of, I get the smut seekers on occasion. I have trouble imagining someone sitting at their computer, planning on whacking off and then seeing and choosing "Awareness is painful" from the list of choices in Google from their search for "hot men cock porn fucking" or whatever. But hey, everybody's welcome here. I'll take the hornballs over the gay republicans anyday.

My favorite are the ones where you can tell someone is looking for the answer to a question, although they often involve the word "painful" and kind of make me cringe. Here's the most recent example:

MSN Search: painful after using cock ring

Another truth-seeker asked "Is gay sex painful?" Maybe I should start treating this like an accidental advice column, answering these random quandries for these folks who likely will never stumble back across my site again. I guess I shouldn't start sharing my volunteered expertise with a quandry about cock rings, since I've never used one, but I'm guessing that if it hurts, you might want to try a different size.

I guess that sort of goes for the other question too.

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