Monday, October 03, 2005

Anonymous friendster viewing is for pussies

So friendster quietly snuck in its fun new little feature where it shows you who has looked at your profile in the last month. Some folks seem to be annoyed by this new little feature, but I totally love it. It is kind of fun to have some idea of who has looked at you and try to figure out how and why. Unlike everyone else that I have seen blogging about this so far, I don't instantly assume that everyone who looks at my friendster profile does so because they want to bone me. I don't have crushes on all the people I look at on friendster; why assume everyone who looks at me does? Half the time I look at someone on friendster it is because I want an email from them and haven't gotten one in a few days and looking at friendster tells me when they were last on and I can either say to myself "oh, they haven't had time to check friendster; they must be pretty busy and will write when they get the chance," or "Sure, they have time to piddle around on friendster but writing me a little letter is such a huge chore. Asshole, I didn't want a letter anyway."

Anyway, so maybe the anonymous viewing thing might have its occasional applications, like when you are interviewing prospective new roommates who you found on craigslist and don't want them to realize that your decision not to let them move in might have something to do with their 1000 word 'about me' description or the fact that they only have three friends who all seem like dorks. Really though, can't we all just let folks know that we looked at them and not assume that they are suddenly going to think we are in love with them or stalking them. Isn't the whole point of friendster that we can get these little glimpses of folks connected to us and the folks around us with really having to dive in too deep?

And maybe this makes for a subtle way for someone to gets the elusive someone's attention. My roommate has in the past used the 'bookmark' feature to great effect in that respect, but I didn't even know what the hell 'bookmarks' were until he started talking about it and it could never really be that useful for getting people's attention if people didn't really pay attention to it.

Anyway, at least they aren't showing how many times or when we look at folks profiles. That would really call out the stalkers amongst us.

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