Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Suddenly Riley seems progressive.

That idiot roy moore wants to run for governor of AL now.

Just fucking great. He won't win, but do the morons always have to find their way into the spotlight to further reinforce the idea that Alabama is the most backwards-ass place on the planet? He can't beat Riley, who to his credit could have been a really good governor if he hadn't let the national republicans advise him to make a racist veto right out of the gate. Some of his ideas seemed good and how he handled Katrina and the surge of evacuees to the state impressed me. He obviously thinks and cares about the job and the state. moore just wants attention. If he could get as many tv cameras pointed at him and as much congradulation from his moron neighbors by doing the pee-pee dance in his underwear with a bullfrog on his head, he would.

I don't know anything about the Lt. Gov. who is running for the democratic nomination, but siegelman is a fucking joke. He had plenty of people who were against him before he went into office and managed to piss off most of his supporter too. He needs to just go hide somewhere and leave the state the hell alone. Maybe he could just go hang out with moore.

(thanks Steve)

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