Sunday, October 30, 2005

baking is painful

Ok, so not really the baking part is that painful. Trying to bake my odd little apple pie for Enid's annual apple pie baking contest tired and hung over from the ridiculousness of last night while morning the loss of my beloved cell phone is painful. So the cooking was slow going and now it is down to the wire and I am going to have to snatch my pie out of the oven and take the piping hot thing straight down to the contest. Mason was more focused (only slightly so) and has already finished his and isn't pulling his hair out stressing over whether or not his pie is going to come out alright. Anyway, just wasting a little time while it bakes.

My phone decided to leave me at some point last night at Jake Shears' halloween party. Fun party, but my competitive instinct took over and for some reason decided that I was in some kind of drinking race with no one and was unintenionally downing beers at a much faster clip than necessary so some elements of the night are hazy but I just know that I lost my cane (part of costume), my phone, and my metrocard (thankfully that one not until I got on the subway). Upon calling my number this morning I discovered that it had been found/stolen by someone who then proceeded to sell for 20 bucks to some schmuck in the Bronx. Who hung up on me and quit answering the phone. So I reported it stolen and morned the loss of all the damn phone numbers that I have never written down and the many which I have no idea how to replace. So if you are reading this and I should have your phone number, be a sweety and email it to me or call me in a couple of days when I get my new one.

Ok, I gotta go check on the pie.

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