Monday, October 24, 2005

Rotnee, your leash is too long...

So I decided to wander over to a Magnetic Fields cover website:

:..:::.:: Our Love is Meaningless::.:::..:

I needed some new music and I love covers (even bad ones) and the Mag Fields, so why not see what new stuff they have (even if Stephin did make a frowny face instead of answering the question when I asked him if he knew about the site)? So I bop on over and who happens to have sent an mp3 for our enjoyment?

Yakuza Dance Mob!!!

Who just so happened to be the band that headlined at my annual New Year's extravaganza down in the Southland home base (awareness is painful: Hit it til it breaks!!!!). The Dance Mobbing Yakuzatrons are a lovely and insane bunch who are fun to have around, on stage or off, and who in some form or another have helped me start my year for as long as I care to think back. Perhaps one of the best stage performances I have ever seen in my life was one of the Mob's members, Rotnee went with a crew of us to a local coffee shop/bar and performed a set at an open mike night. I can't begin to describe that performance and probably shouldn't, but a mixture of unintentional slap stick with absolute sincerity and lack of self-consciousness in front of a crowd of middle-aged local drunks who just want to hear classic rock covers is a pleasure to watch.


Anonymous said...

We been hittin' it til it breaks!

I was a lookin at the stats for sites what reffered someone or another over to the and wandered along this, and was quite perplexed. now i am not.

our shows have greatened in goodness and whackiness... i was very (fake) bloody tuesday.

good things said about our current stage show:
"It's like a Tom Wait's Opera brought to life"

"He's like a malevolent GG Allin."

I hope that Stephen aint pissed bought our butcherin'.


Anonymous said...

woah shit!

GG Allin is malevolant enough.

the quote was benevolant. because i never actually did no maliciousness. just made folks think that I might.


d. earl griffin said...


I'm smilin' real big getting a nice note from you this morning, Mr. R. When are you getting the mob up to the big city? Have you started planning for the year starting extravaganza yet?

And yes, certainly 'benevolent' is the more appropriate adjective. I wish I could boogie on down to the see the stage show. Be sure to get a video of it (although I am fairly certain I can imagine most of it in my head knowing the cast of characters).

Keep on hitting and a breaking it.