Tuesday, August 02, 2005

blogshares bizarro world.

So being lazy, I sometimes just type "awarenessispainful" into the google toolbar and click the link instead of typing out the whole url in the address bar. On occassion there are a interesting things that pop up, but being as this blog really doesn't get a whole hell of a lot of traffic, there usually is just the main site and occasionally this link:

BlogShares - awareness is painful

Now, I don't mind blogshares including me, in fact, I am happy anyone is noticing that I am out here at all. And every now and then I look through what blogshares has to say about my site, which usually just reminds me that I am worth less than unicornsagainstbush, which would be perfectly understandable if b had done even one single posting in the last 9 months, but one mention on Wonkette and a couple of furry sites link to him and his fake stock value stays on up there forever.

This time there was a little suprise for me: someone had actually bought some blogshares for my site! Ok, I'm all like that is cool and they apparently bought a big ole chunk (I really don't know how any of this works, so feel free to correct any of my assuptions) and that seemed great and then... I look who bought it. don surber. Who I recently disparaged in a post. Because he is kind of ridiculous. Really ridiculous.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm flattered that he felt like trading my blog in fake blogstock, but it still to this mind seems wildly weird, seeing as how I 1)don't get a whole hell of a lot of traffic; 2)have said mean things about him and his blog in the past; 3)am not less likely to say mean things about him in the future because he bought my blog stocks because blogshares means fuck-all to me other than some passing curiosity. So anyway, I feel trapped in some bizarro alternative universe right now. And even more strangely, I somehow feel closer to don surber now. Maybe that is ridiculous. But I think I'll go read his blog again and see if he is still a wanker. Tbogg hasn't been bothering with him lately, so maybe he has gotten better. I ain't holding my breath.

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