Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I blame Tbogg.

I don't know why I suddenly feel the need to blog about the hideousness that one may stumble across on the internet, but I do know why I stumbled across this hideousness: ��TBogg��

I like Tbogg and peruse his blog far too frequently. He keeps up with america's worst mother so I dont' have to and how else would I get my much needed basset porn pics. But don surber I could do without. But try as I might not to, I still end up hanging with Tbogg one minute and next thing you know, I clicked a link and that gnarly face is staring at me with a smile 3 times too small for the head and there is all this inane writing which shouldn't have been shared in public. Or in private.

I'm not going to go into all his inane writing, but against my better judgement I am going to link to it so you can read it yourself:

Don Surber

But what singularly stupid statement inspired me to bother with this crap? This one: "Too much of the left is stuck in the Sept. 10 world. " Honestly, I am so tired of this 'everything has changed' bullshit. Yes, it was a big event that most of us watched live on tv or out your window if you were in the city. National tragedies are not something to be taken lightly and this city is still dealing the trauma and won't be done dealing with it any time soon, but you know what? It wasn't the first bad thing to ever happen and it won't be the last.

What was "too much of the left" too "stuck in the Sept. 10 world" to do according to this sage mind? Blog. Yes blog. Because we didn't start screaming for revenge over the internets, we obviously didn't take the collapse of the WTC seriously. Well, fuck you.

What an asinine thing to say!?!?! And then this little tid bit that is going to get a moment's brimstone treatment from me then I am leaving the computer and going out to enjoy what is left of the beautiful after noon and plant my new flowers:

"But Republicans being duly elected to Congress is something to blog about? That shows what the priorities are. Screw the national security. Winning is everything to the left, which is why the left loses. You have to stand for something besides a lust for power."

The double speak makes one's head spin. And what is it that the Republicans stand for? You have the nerve to talk about winning being everything to the left after the right just forced a war through by misleading the American public, Congress, and the international community and then once in the conflict, made military decisions based on election concerns? Your idiot right actively and aggressively, during a time of war, smeared the service and character of a decorated veteran of a previous war for political gain. I could go on...

Mr. Surber, with all due respect, if you belive the things you write, there is something wrong with your head and if you don't and write them anyway, something is wrong with your heart. Either way, we have the president YOU deserve.

Don Surber, a proud citizen in the nekkid emperor's nation of retards. .

Now I have flowers to plant (some lovely Lychnis haagaena), and it will grow as well now as it would have before 9/11. Lefty pinkos aren't in denial about what happened that day or the reality that tragedies do happen in this world, but we aren't going to forget that there are still some of us left and there are still beautiful things to be found and cultivated here. We saw the tragedy and still morn and are trying to prevent the next. You and your opportunistic brethren saw an opportunity to push for a grand war and to drop some big bombs on some brown people and you took it and you ran with it for all it was worth. You sent other people's kids off to die in another country so you could reap political gain and further the consolidation of wealth and power in this country. So don't you fucking dare lecture anyone about the left being too blase about 9/11.

Wanker. I hope you can sleep at night.

Sorry, didn't mean to get off track again. I have flowers to go plant.

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