Monday, June 13, 2005

if you have never seen me mad, you are about to...

Mason (and everyone else), go read this now:

Majikthise : Queer Action Coalition pickets Refuge

Majikthise also reminds us of the dobson bible whoring empire's foul extension into this market of paying others to destroy your children to assuage your bigotry:

Majikthise : Focus on the Family's latest project

which is a group which puts on conferences to hurt gay kids. They may not state this as their purpose, but you damn well better know that it is the effect, whether pushing kids one step closer to suicide or towards lashing out at other gay folks or to promoting hostile environments in the community and classrom, these folks mean to have us in our place or dead.

I had the unfortunate experience of attending one once, so please, if you disagree with my characterization of the organization or what they do, step to it.

Thankfully, my interaction with these folks was after I was a finacially independent adult with a bad attitude instead of a scared teenager. But kids have it fucking hard enough without some money-grubbing pricks trying to get their scared parents to let them beat their head to a pulp with a bible and a smile. The whole day there at the conference, in some giant Atlanta baptist church with its halls lined with booths selling books and tapes and seminars and whatever the hell else they could slap a price-tag on, I could help but think of Jesus in the temple throwing out the money changers and overturning their tables. These assholes don't know Jesus and they never will; as the Good Shepherd warns in the Good Book, we see him everyday in the face of every person in need of help, but since he can't be found on the back of a dollar, dobson et al will never recognise him.

I will come back to all this. The shit going down in Memphis is too far beyond the pale and too close to home.

But I need to calm down first.


Anonymous said...

as you well know, i wish i were ignorant of this post to which you have linked. it puts me in an odd position. i don't know whether to don an infantry outfit and bomb the fuck out of the places that engender this sort of bigotry or aspire to live my life honorably and proudly and hope to god knows what that something in the depths of these evil people will notice it. right now, i'm feeling like the ak47's the way to go--but i guess i have to sleep on it.
p.s.-that was written without the slightest hint of irony. _palindromes_ put me in a fiery mood.

d. earl griffin said...

I can't say that bombs and AK's are the way to go, but I am certainly done with best-little-boy-in-the-world mode. I ain't waiting for them to notice nothing about me other than that they are picking on the wrong faggot.

Anyone have any thoughts about how to hit it til it breaks for these folks down in Memphis? I need to check back in on the story, since it already looked like folks were rallying and giving them whatfor.