Monday, August 22, 2005

sometimes I just want to bite other people...

I rarely if ever click on advertisements online unless I know it is for a product or company I already like. For some reason, today I felt inspired to click on an advertisement on Gawker and landed on this site:

The Malcontent

First off, I find it kind of weird for personal blogs to be buying advertising. Maybe I am just frugal that way and kind of think it is weird for people to advertise if they aren't selling something.

But I quickly picked up on the fact that this guy was gay and it is always nice to see what other gay folks out there are writing and ranting about, so I read a little. I was confused that the top post was making fun of liberals. Then as I read on, it dawned on me that I had stumbled into the lair of a gay republican. Soon as I saw the posting lauding GLAAD's helm being taken by a repub and linking to a post elsewhere criticising HRC for being too liberal, I knew I was in the wrong neighborhood.

Some of his jokes were almost funny-ish, but mostly even if his politics didn't stink I got the overwhelming impression that had I met him at a bar, I would be trying to find a graceful way to exit the conversation as quickly as possible. But his politics seem to be the epitome of everything that pisses me off about gay politics. If you have read my blog at all before, you know that I am less than pleased
with much of
the big gay leadership. Gay marriage shouldn't be our number one issue. Period. It is an issue and there are plenty of philosophical arguements for it, but as far as it being a dire issue that our communty should really be focussing on politically, no way. There are bigger fish to fry. Gay marriage is a nice wish list item, but it isn't a life and death issue and can by dealing with more fundamental systematic problems in the community we bring ourselves closer to being able to realize that goal.

Anyway, whatever, why shouldn't the prissy republican gays get to blog too? I still have to pick my jaw up off the floor when I hear that a gay person is republican. You just have to be a special kind of selfish and deluded to be gay and vote republican. They hate us and want us dead. They worked long and hard to make that clear in the last election. Oh, maybe I should qualify that statement: they want us (the poor people/people of color/gay people) in our place or dead. Of course anyone with enough money can buy their way out of this equation, but most of us don't have all the money required so I take a vote for republicans as a slap in the face from other gay people.

Excuse me while I go throw up.


The Malcontent said...

"Prissy"? Oh, Mary!

I think if Democrats spent as much time figuring out why 25 percent of gay people continue to vote for George Bush instead of demonizing those voters, they would lose far fewer elections. (I'm a Giuliani man, myself.)

I hope your readers take more time than you have apparently done to learn that I am actually a pretty moderate guy -- conservative about some things, liberal about many others -- and that despite my political affiliation, I don't have horns growing out of my head.



d. earl griffin said...

I actually spent quite a bit of time reading through your blog, and the post you linked to as a sign of being 'liberal about some things' is one of the ones which led me to question your sanity. Not necessarily that just that a log cabin repub could head up GLAAD (although that sent up red flags) but the link to gaypatriot's post suggesting that the problem with HRC was that they are too liberal!

I don't doubt there are no horns growing out of your head, but as I said in my original post, any gay man who votes for republicans on the national stage at this point in the game after what they have been doing over the last couple of years is crazy. Really, anyone voting for what currently passes as republican is crazy, but they made "we hate gay people, too" and "let's kill some brown people" there main mantras in the last election. They aren't the party of conservatives; they are the party of bigots. If you were stuck in some backwater town out in podunkville I might be sympathetic to someone not really having good access to decent newsources, but you live in friggin' NYC. No excuses.

And giuliani? Please...

republic of m said...

I read The Malcontent everyday, and I love it. I am conservative, not a Republican, and gay - there are many of us out there in blogland - republic of m is mine.

ThatGayConservative said...

Not all of us enjoy being told by "democrats" how much they love us and then get screwed over in the long run. But hey, whatever creams your twinkie.

ThatGayConservative said...

BTW, many of us believe there are more impportant things out there than gay marriage. I don't quite know where exactly you were going on that point in that particular post.

Further, isn't it sort of bigoted and closed minded to ASSume that all gays have to be liberals just like other gays? Also, it's not very compassionate or inclusive to mock somebody just because they don't believe the same thing you believe in.
Sorta goes against the whole "celebrate diversity" thing, don't it?

"Individuality is fine as long as we all do it together." --Maj. Frank Burns

Kevin said...

Hello, my name is Kevin and I'm a gay conservative. Oh! Pardon me, but is that your jaw on the floor?

Chad said...

Hey. After you're done biting me, you can go kiss my ass. :)

Yeah... one more gay Republican.