Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Awareness is aging...

I was never terribly enchanted by youth, so it is with great joy that I begin my 28th year. I always had the birthday that generally got forgotten, being at the end of the summer, beginning of school, and too hot for anyone to really want to organize anything but this year everyone seems to have remembered it and called or emailed or made a beautiful recording of them singing me a bastardized rendition of our favorite Judds song and posted it on a happy birthday webpage!

As I have been getting my birthday wishes I have also been getting updates from my family on how everyone fared the storm. So far no one was hurt and the damage to people's houses was minimal. Aunt G's yard apparently sustained the most damage, having 17 trees just toppled or ripped to shreds, but on the house only minimal roof damage and a cracked window! Her place is only about 50 miles inland, so she had the hurricane right on top of her. Our house wasn't hurt. The neighbor's woodshop had its doors ripped off, but everyone's homes seemed to be ok. The wind was still about 60mph there and we live about 5 hours inland.

Anyway, I'm glad to be another year older and to hear my family made it ok through Katrina. I hope the same for everyone else out there.

but it's my birthday and I came into work early so I could leave early so I'm not staying late to blog. I found a nice orchid in a garbage can that I need to pot (I'm not sure what kind it is; I'll tell you when I figure it out) before dinner.

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