Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Thank you again, Jon Stewart, but...

Oliver Willis has a video from the daily show with Jon Stewart tearing into the new Texas law trying to keep gay people from being foster parents:

Lord Almighty, CNN Sucks | Oliver Willis

This is one of those moments where Jon is brilliantly indignant and terribly effective with his critisim and I salute him for calling out news hosts for not calling their guests on their bullshit.


While B was house sitting last week (ie-staying at a great apartment in convenient Manhattan location with Tivo and good cable), I caught an episode of the Daily Show (can't remember which day specifically) and dennis miller was the guest. Jon might as well have licked the bottom of his shoes for all the fawning he was doing. Was dennis funny? Yeah, better than he has been the last few years and he was on a roll, but he isn't running around just doing stand up these days, he has a show on a news channel and he uses his visibility to promote right-wing trash. So he said a few things about the righties being silly about their stance on gay marriage. Awsome, but you don't say that and then turn around and start calling environmentalism a bunch of horse-shit and expect to get rid of your label as republican do-boy. Jon, it is great that you call out CNN anchors for not calling idiots out who are misrepresenting sides of a debate, but what do you do when you have a guest on who is misrepresenting the evidence of global climate change? You lick his hairy butthole and act like you have never heard anything so funny.

I don't care if he is a comedian or not, if he is that funny and fast on his toes, he can handle being called on his shit and make a joke about his own damn ignorance. Maybe Jon isn't up on his climate science, but miller's assertions were pretty bluntly dumb. Even just a question about the source of his assurance or a "Who knew dennis miller was an authority on global warming?" would have been better than the gobbling up of the crap coming out of his mouth. He wasn't presenting his stuff as just jokes, his monologue had a solid and visible agenda: ridicule the science asserting global warming and ideas of the effectiveness of alternative energy sources. Even Joe Scarborough is more progressive on this subject, fuck, even frist is more progressive.

So yes, dennis, you are still a dumb right wing stooge. We are all happy that you realize that you can't reform all the gay men, but until you stop pushing the oil industry's propaganda line, fuck you.

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