Friday, April 22, 2005

Right-wing Cry Babies on the march.

My crazy cousin (who, incidentally, is a joy to be around in real life and who I can't actually remember her ever bring up politics around me but who sends lunatic fringe junk via email, so if I am writing about her on the computer, she is my crazy cousin) sent me a link to this petition: (I am not linking to it, but you can go to the site if you wish).

Basically, it is load of horse shit. Since when did religious leaders tip-toe around about social and moral issues? They just aren't allowed to campaign for political candidates in the pulpit. They can address the issues all they want, and if they really want to campaign, then they can give up their tax exempt status. But the biggest cry-babies in the country, the radical religious right, are playing the martyr again to try to get their way so they can consolidate even more power in the loony fringe hand.

you can read more about their efforts here:

American Civil Liberties Union : Letter to the House Urging Opposition to H.R. 235, the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act

This is one of those things that I wish I could just ignore and say, "this will never pass" but that is kind of how I always regarded the creationist morons and now they are crippling science classes all over the country and getting the NYTimes to run op-eds on ID. So lets watch this one. And for God's sake, if you hear one of your friends or relatives mentioning this stuff and trying to get people to sign it, speak up. Don't let these things go.

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