Thursday, October 14, 2004

Meeting the neighbors part 2:

So Stacy over at tatooed heathen (see last post) seems like the kind of neighbor you would invite to a pot luck or trust around your kids. But alas, sometimes "next blog" leads you to whack jobs like this: Refiner's Crucible

WTF? Really, is this fellow stupid or depraved? Just because you want bush to win is no reason to lie through your teeth (to yourself or others). regardless of who you like or for whatever warped reasons, bush looked like a confused little man tonight. He was not relaxed and lashing out really doesn't count as being 'on the offense.' And really, 'a command of the issues'? Are you special, dude?

Love bush if you are just gonna love him anyway he goes, but don't break with reality over it. This fellow is a true member of bush's nation of retards.

I am getting tired, but on another day perhaps I will grab Mason and go over for a visit and see if he is up for a chat since he challenges liberals to hold their own in discussing the Middle East. Probably not really worth talking judging from this initial perusal of his page, but hey, why not?


Matt said...

Hey Earl -

All I'm hearing from you is "Bush-hatred," and no substance. You make my point nicely. Then you attack me personally "stupid and depraved." There's a cure for your "Michael Moore's" disease from the fever-swamp. It starts with making substantive points and arguements.

I wish I actually got you angry enough to find some facts.

Best wishes-

d. earl griffin said...

Howdy Matt,

Thanks for commenting. I am at work so I can't really get going right now, but I do look forward to discussing things with you. In the meantime, I would invite you to look through my archives. I have some informative links in past posts as well as expanding further on personal viewpoints.

Talking to you soon,