Thursday, November 03, 2005

"I'd like to see you try it!"

What are you doing Sunday night?

New York Gypsy Festival

If you know me very well, you know I'm a huge Gogol Bordello fan. Gogol Bordello is easily the best live band in the city. Before I had even gotten to New York, my brother was already preaching their gospel to me in preparation. They have been central to my NYC experience and one more chance to see them is welcome. We used to go dance to frontman Eugene Hutz's djing every friday night, first at the Ukrainian National Center and then at Luxx (r.i.p.). I haven't been a devoted acolyte to the party at Bulgarian Bar as it is just slightly further out of my normal path and on Thursday night, but still sneak down there from time to time to get a little fix.

I love going to see live music and am a person who likes to move my feet when I do, but I get frustrated by the crowds watching raucus music and standing there like stumps and when the crowd dampens the dancey vibe, its hard to keep your boogie going, even if the band is doing there part. Gogol Bordello doesn't have this problem. Their loyal fan base likes to stompy-dance and ain't shy about it. First note of the first song and the whole room is in motion. You had better wear strong shoes and be ready for a workout.

Gogol Bordello is at the top of a short list of bands/performers that I will go out of my way to see anytime they play in the city:

Gogol Bordello
Hidden Cameras
Old Crow Medicine Show
Kiki & Herb

They play; I go. Any venue; almost any price. The Scissor Sisters used to be on this list, but now that they have gotten big, they tend to either be out of my price range or sell out before I get around to buying a ticket. The last show of theirs I saw was at Bowery Ballroom just as they were breaking through and if their performances are to be temporarily relegated to memory, that was a good show to be remembered by til I can see them live again.

There are many other musicians who I would go see despite almost any hurdle, but who don't come often and/or are generally out of my price range to justify keeping them on a list: Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Raul Malo, the Indigo Girls, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earl, Robert Earl Keen Jr., Yakuza Dance Mob, Iron & Wine, etc.

Anyway, we were gonna have another hootenanny Sunday as part of a little baby step towards perhaps me and the boys starting our own little band, but I think perhaps the evening would be better spent being inspired than in practice. I'll see you at the Gypsy Music Festival at the Roxy Sunday night. I'll be the one with the curly moustache, right down front, dancing like a maniac. I wish my bro were still in town to fight the crowds with me, but hey, I can dance for both of us since he is busy in the down South representing at backwoods Sunday-night bootlegger live blues dance romps.

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