Thursday, September 22, 2005

Don't get it twisted!

Last year I promised myself I wasn't allowing any scheduling decisions to revolve around tv shows. I followed through with remarkable success, turning my back on The OC and (shamefully) the Gilmore Girls, and only succumbing to Desperate Housewives because my roomates watched it and B- taped it to watch later so he could watch something else and usually waited until I was around to watch it (which generally meant I was also forced to watch Grey's Anatomy). I completely forsake reality tv (although roommates did force me to watch the season finally of Highschool Reunion).

but this is a new year, and last night I gave in to the siren call and watched the two-hour season premier of America's Next Top Model.

And loved every second of it.

I don't know why that show is so addictive, but I love it. I kind of liked Janice Dickenson, but really I can't say that I am sad she was gone. I totally loved Miss J. being there full time, though. Twiggy was decent but not too exciting, although you could already see her and Tyra disagreeing with one another just to show which model is more super ("I really like the way her muscle tone shows in the pose" "I think she looks too buff there").

I like the girls they picked, but my only complaint is that they didn't keep the redheaded girl. Most of them seem pretty likable, but you can already tell that the girl that looks like Gena Davis and complains all the time is going to be the one that we watch every week praying she will finally get booted off but they keep on for damn near ever so people will keep watching and hating her (what about Ya Ya?).

Off the bat, my favorites are Coryn (they can do something about the eyebrows), the stumbly girl with the big lips, Ebony (annoying, yes, but in a likeable nice way), and Kim (although I have a feeling she might get really annoying before it is all over).

Perhaps I am turning down a dark road back towards tv taking up too much of my life, but it is too late. Its only one show. I can quit any time I want to.

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