Tuesday, September 27, 2005

D is for Rover

Ok, so you are thinking "D is not for Rover, you idiot" but you are wrong. That is the title of my favorite book as a little child. It made absolutely no sense and was just about this obnoxious little kid who would get all his other letters connected to an appropriate word ("A is for apple") but absolutely refused to quit saying "D is for Rover" because Rover was a Dog and that somehow made sense in his mind and it didn't in mind but he was my hero in some weird way just for sticking to his guns and not budging a bit. I can't remember the ending. I want to remember that it had a happy ending and the adults finally realized that he was so far ahead of them in everyway and all laughed and made the connection that in saying "d is for Rover" he was saying "d is for Dog", but I am horribly afraid that instead he ended up doing something ridiculous like finally saying "R is for rover" and all the adults celebrating and congradulating him on getting it "right". How horrible! I hope that is just a bad nightmare and it ended the right way. I think I do remember that regardless of the ending, I think I continued to read it as "D is for Rover" even at the end, and pissing off whatever adult was reading over my shoulder. I do think that I remember that my parents somehow understood and saying "D is for Rover" totally made sense to them.

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