Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Angry attack nerds invade moron town.

Who will stop the insanity? When is the reality-based community going to leave the lunatic idiots all to their lonesome and let them be dumb and annoying in peace?

"'We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture,' "

Really though, it appears from reading the article that it is the sane folks in town who are under attack by the loonies. The science teachers were already teaching SCIENCE in their classes, it is they who are being attacked by the space-cadet fringe who think they should also be teaching religion.

Really, I don't care too much if these folks wanted to just pull away form everything and leave science alone and not bother with it. I would kind of feel bad for the kids born into it, but hey, the sins of the father and all. If they really want nothing to do with evolution or science, fine. Give us back our technology and take your bible off to some commune and do things your own way. Leave your phones, your tv's, your modern pharmaceudicals, your modern crops, your plastic, you cars, and your airtravel at the door and don't let it hit your fat butt as you exit the 20th century. We are taking our biology/geology/physics/astronomy/meteorology and going home. We try to share, but you just want to break our toys and boss around so we are leaving and you can just play amongst yourselves.

Honestly, people. Can we start calling these lunatics out? Want to believe that God created the world in 7 days? I don't care; fine. Have any faith you like and teach it at church, but don't call it science and don't try to use it to attack something which couldn't have less concern with how you want to organize your mind. You have your faith and I'll have mine, but keep your faith or lack there of the hell off of our science.

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Anonymous said...

technology's a funny thing. it's all kind of borne out of tragedy. remember the donner party? yeah, yeah...cannibals rule and all, but they were kind of the beginning of modern technology. it was the donner party that encouraged borden (yeah, the borden) to create condensed milk (and some scholars think of this invention as the beginning of modern technology). i guess i'm not being clear--all technologies are birthed from tragedy. e.g., bell invented the telephone to communicate with his dead brother.
actually, i'm not sure that this is all that relevant, but it's funny how it gets glossed over most of the time. no, i'm not advocating for any sort of renunciation of technology or whatever, but i do think technology requires a very strict re-thinking of itself. we should be responsible--that's all i'm screaming....
and if it doesn't make sense....i'm sorry; i'm drunk.