Thursday, July 29, 2004

why the emperor wears no clothes...

Maybe the emperor and his court aren't running around nekkid because they were hoodhinked and too embarassed to admit they couldn't see the pretty new duds; maybe they just figured if you don't put any pants on, it won't matter if they burn.

Whatev'. So your balls aren't getting burned anymore, but mr. cheney, we still know your pants are on fire and our good friend Juan Cole is here to call you out:

"Cheney knows that Baathist Iraq posed no threat to the US. He is simply lying. I was always careful not to accuse him of lying before the war because who knows what is in someone else's mind? Maybe he believed his own bullshit. But there is no longer any doubt that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, no active nuclear weapons program, no ability to deliver anything lethal to the US homeland, and no operational cooperation with al-Qaeda. These things are not matters of opinion. They are indisputable. Ipso facto, if an intelligent person continues to allege them, he is prevaricating."

The whole article is worth reading.

One warning for the royal court concerning Juan's Iran fears: we ain't letting a bunch of lying nudie-booties start shit with Iran in our name. You want a third world war, but try and pull that crap and you will get a second civil war instead. You will all wish then (like we do now) that pants on fire was the worst of your problems.

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