Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My new boyfriend...

Sorry Jimmy, we can still play dominos and bitch about the kids these days, but Obama is my new steady!  Can we say hello to our first black president?  Please, Obama, we all know you are pretty and charming in a way that will make women crazy, but please don't cheat on your wife.  The republicans are already having you tailed and your phone line tapped, praying for evidence of infidelity.

And as long as I am political crushing here, can we talk about loving Ted Kennedy (he is invited to poker night) and Teresa Heinz Kerry (she is too)?  Can we schedule a debate for candidates for FLOTUS?  At least Laura can speak coherently (but can she pronounce 'nuclear'?).  You could have sold out Madison Square Gardens in ten minutes for Hillary v. Barbara or Nancy v. Roslyn. 

Actually, it will be pretty fun watching Nancy v. W. if the GOP idiots get their wish and put her on stage at the convention.  She asked one thing of this prez and he should have listened.  Note to Karl:  Nancy could easily sway more votes than Jerry Faldwell and she has squashed bigger bugs than you or bush over lesser offenses.  Keep trying to get her to speak at the convention.  I dare you.  You better just pray she doesn't give an interview til Christmas time.  Nancy is also invited to the poker game.  Karl and Dubya can just stick to Candyland... no, wait, Candyland is kind of cool and nice; they get Jenga.

I get Barack.

Not to be confused with Brak.


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