Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have moved into a new apartment.

My name is on a legal document with a significant other (who is not Mason).

I turn thirty two this weekend. I keep thinking I'm turning thirty three.

A hurricane named after me is set to hit (ok, at least brush) New York for my birthday.

My bowl is broken; I did not go crazy. Maybe just a little crazy, but not much.

My cat has learned how to spoon.

Orchid blooming in the bathroom. The moonvine didn't die, but did refuse to grow this year.

I really want to shave my head but I like my haircut so I feel like I can't shave it all off right now.

The keys for my new apartment are ugly so I can't wear them on a chain around my neck. I hate keys in my pockets.


Daisy said...
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Daisy said...

Congrats on the apartment.

Significant others make life more interesting, especially when mixed with legalities., you're old ;-)

Hurricanes are amazing, happy birthday to you.

Sorry about your bowl. I do hope you did something at least a little rash after the fall. If you resist those urges too often you lose a little bit of yourself. (yes, very very much spoken from experience)

I've learned, I don't actually like cats after all, a lizard crawling randomly around the house, however, is relatively cool. Only took me 25 years to discover this.

Good job on the orchid

Shave your head, vanity is pointless.

Make a copy of your key...they only copy the part that goes in the lock so you might be able to get one that is prettier.