Friday, May 08, 2009

A few thoughts upon reading the March 5, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone

(written while still at sea earlier this year)

A few thoughts upon reading the March 5, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone:

1) On the cover and in the third picture in the article about her, Taylor Swift looks like Stevie Nicks (in a very good way). In the other pictures shot for the article, particularly the second one, she looks like Chris Crocker. Really.

2) In her Q&A interview, Stevie Nicks looks like she is made out of plastic, though certainly lifelike. I do like the style she is rocking. Hello white top hat. In the actual interview she comes across as likable, but a little crazy. Talking in third person? Really?

3) Can someone pry those stupid-ass glasses off Bono's face already? Who thinks they are a good idea? Does he just really like them or is there a misguided stylist telling him this is cool? There is something to be said for having a signature look or making an accessory your own, but wearing something no one else wears because it is impossible to not look stupid wearing it is not the same thing as wearing something so well that it is impossible for anyone else to wear them like you. Even Michael Jackson took off that sparkly glove and the black shoes and white socks, but he still owns those looks. The damn red or yellow glasses? They own Bono, not the other way around.

4) Miley Cyris is what Suzy from Calvin and Hobbes would grow up to look like.

5) The writing in the magazine is good, but the articles about things other than music are better than the articles about music.

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