Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An update and a few thoughts....

I'm living at sea most of the time these days and then travelling the rest of the time, so my life is a big fucking jumble. Love it and hate it, that's what it is and with that, so is this blog. I've never exactly used this (or meant to use this) as an actual diary kind of record and don't now, so it has always been sort of scattered. I gripe less about politics here than I used to and talk more about personal bits and pieces. For better or worse.

And these days, I'm even fiddling a little bit with format, trying to include more pictures and occasionally (very rarely and possibly never again) even including my meager attempts at poetry like in the last post. I have no knack for poetry but sometime prose doesn't cut it and really, if you have a blog, there isn't further down the pole to slide in terms of written word. Not hating on blogs, just recognising that serial self-publishing freakazoids like myself gotta be forgiving to the various forms folks use to thrust their self-expression upon others. Of course this commentary doesn't for a second suggest that I'm softening on my opinion that anything thrown out there is knowingly being thrown to the wolves and in all fairness subject to whatever informed (or not) critique they can throw at you.

Anyway, I'm still trying to sort out how to try to make this less sporadic. I'm at sea, where I do most of my writing, then on land for a few days to spit it all out and then gone again.

So thank you to those who deign to read occasionally. I started this telling myself it was only as an archive but I should admit that the exhibitionist in me likes the public nature of it and the egalitarian in me likes the openess and invites participation. There aren't enough comments to yet consider this anything approaching a conversation but comments are always welcome (harsh being just as welcome as the kindly, though if you are a fucking idiotic gay republican I'll probably comment back and call you a fucking idiot).

As long as I'm rubbing one out about all about the blog itself and my thoughts on it, I should discuss thoughts about the name of the whole shebang. When it started, it was largely started as a reaction to needing an outlet to express politcal outrage. The whole "Awareness is painful, but ignorance is deadly" crap came out of a feeling that our politics so easily get fucked so hard because so many people just tune out anything that makes them uncomfortable and welcome anyone who promises to ease their discomfort. I still think that and use this as a place to react against it, but on the other hand, the title is pretentious and obnoxious. And not really indicative of what I'm doing here. I'm not one for changing horses midstream, but neither am I one to stick with something just for the sake of sticking with it. I'm in it because I want to be, but I'll tweak it where it needs it to keep it functional. So don't be suprised if the title changes in the near future (though you can be almost completely certain that I'm not going to go to the trouble to change the URL).

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