Monday, June 21, 2004

"Vote your Bible."

A scan through Wonkette today led me to a WSJ article on the christian coalition trying for revival in its influence using gay marriage paranoia as a rallying cry. Big surprise. They as an organization have always been on the forefront of enacting positive change in this country. Here's a little snippet from the article:

>People see that there's something greater at stake here with gay >marriage," says Rev. Dallas Billington at the Akron Baptist Temple in >Akron, Ohio. "It's a crucial time in the cultural war, and I'm >telling people to 'Vote your Bible.' "

'Vote your Bible.' I would love to see even a fraction of the christian coalition vote their bible for a change. If they would stop beating it up against their neighbors heads for a minute and take the planks out of their eyes so they could read it, they would notice that it suggests the their number one calling is taking care of their fellow man. Show me one place in the Bible where Jesus ever even mentioned homosexuality or the like. Now go back and read the passages on poverty and wealth and social responsibility. The whole New Testament is about taking care of everyone.

I challenge the christian coalition to vote their Bibles. They would have to vote for social programs which republicans are always trying to chop away and against all the corporate crap that they seem to think is so wonderful. Yeah, dubya and co. make a big show of their religiosity; if these blind jerks would read their Bibles instead of thumping them they might find the none to gentle words that Jesus had for the hypocritically pious.

Anyone who supports huge tax cuts for the rich while programs for the poor are being cut can not claim the Bible as a guiding influence in their life. If they do they must either be: 1)insincere, 2)unable or unwilling to understand the amazingly simple and clear messages in the Bible (maybe they just haven't bothered reading it), or 3)horrible selfish people abusing a faith of peace and charity for their selfish ends. Unfortunately, all three types have worked hard to trash the faith's name to the point that these are the people thought of when you say that someone is a Christian.

ralph reed needs to go crawl back under his rock. Quit whining about marriages and start organizing to feed the hungry and then you can start talking to me about other social issues. If all you WWJD dorks are really all that concerned about Jesus's marriage advice, then go start yelling at your rank and file about their divorces (which Jesus did say some things about) before you go trying to stop others from forming families.

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